T-Klima AC 18TK

Model 2017

T-Klima AC 18TK
T-Klima AC 18TK
T-Klima AC 18TK


The air conditioner from T-Klima, AC 18TK, ensures freshness and coolness for added comfort in your home with the latest technology in the industry.

Clean the air in the room

Ionization removes microscopic particles from the air, turning the camera into a healthier environment.

Independent cleaning

The Self-Cleaning function removes moisture from inside the unit and prevents the appearance of mold. When the machine is off, the function is activated automatically.


Child safety systems

With Child Lock you make sure that small children can not use the air conditioner as a safety measure.

Compressor recognized worldwide

Toshiba's GMCC compressor delivers safety, energy savings and increased efficiency.

Detachable filter for easy cleaning

By washing the purification filter constantly, the efficiency of the air conditioner is improved.

The ideal temperature in the shortest time

Use Turbo mode to get the temperature you want in the shortest possible time and with low energy consumption.

Night silent operation

At night, the noise is considerably reduced so as not to disturb your sleep and quiet during the night.

Automatic time programming

You can set the operating time and the air conditioner closes automatically after this time.

Intuitive display of operating errors

If the sensors detect a malfunction, this is displayed on the display for easy remediation.

The main panel is easy to maintain

The glossy surface of the air conditioning unit makes maintenance and cleaning work effortlessly.

Smart defrosting

The sensors control the need and duration of the defrost process through the Intelligent Defrost function, which reduces power consumption and makes heating more efficient.

Cold air stop function

When used on heating, the appliance starts only after it has warmed up so as not to provide cold air in the room.

Restart automatically after a power failure

If the conditioned air conditioner switched off at a power failure, it switches on automatically when it is reconnected according to the last setting.

External resistance unit

The outdoor unit has an anti-corrosive coating to prevent condenser damage and rust-proof housing.

Low power consumption

The Stand-by function reduces power consumption to just 1W so you do not have to disconnect it.

Condensation is eliminated effectively

Condensate drainage can be done through both sides of the indoor unit, thus increasing the efficiency of running the unit.

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Btu /Surface covered  18.000BTU 36-45mp
Cooling Consumption  1900(700~3000) kw/h
Indoor unit noise  42~46 dB
Cooling energy class  A++
BTU Cooling Capacity  5100(1800~5900)) btu/h
Inner unit color White  White
Inverter  Yes
Heating class  A+
Outside unit noise  55 dB
Capacity BTU heating  5200(1800~6100) btu/h
Cooling Consumption  1900(700~3000) kw/h
Cooling Consumption  1680(450~2300) kw/h
Annual cooling consumption  293 kW
Annual heating consumption  1575 kW
SEER  6.1
SCOP  4.0
Air flow  850 mc/h
Filters  Ionization function is more than a filter, it is an advanced filtering system, Vitamin C Filter, Washable Filter
Working modes Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification, Ventilation, Automatic mode
Special functions   Ionization, Follow Me, 360 ° Air Distribution, Auto Drying, Turbo, Auto Diagnosis, Night Mode
Operating range   -15...+48 degrees Celsius
Internal Unit Dimensions   14 kg
Outside unit dimensions  40 kg
Minimum noise level  Over 36 dB



T-Klima products have a Warranty for 5 years for Compressor

  • Standard Commercial Warranty - 5 years for Compressor
  • 6 months warranty for installation
  • Support for use and maintenance of appliances

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